The new gals are here... and they're fabulous!!

It's now been almost three weeks since my "exchange" surgery to replace the tissue expanders with the permanent silicone implants. Having had a similar surgery in April. (replacing faulty tissue expanders with ones that worked - yay) I knew what to expect surgery and recovery-wise. But I was in for a nice surprise this time - recovery was SUPER easy, in fact, the hardest part was not being able to lift Ty because I felt so great that it was tough not to forget I wasn't supposed to pick him up! I was out walking 2-5 miles a day 24 hours after surgery, which was so nice, especially with the gorgeous fall weather! Drew started his second year of preschool the week after surgery, so it was really awesome to feel great so I could enjoy the back-to-school excitement, take him to school on the first day, etc.

And besides feeling great, I really have to say - I love the new gals!! I have an extremely talented plastic surgeon who is a perfectionist that really cares about his patients and their results. I am so blessed that there are surgeons in this world that specialize in reconstruction; especially for women diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age, it's so important to be able to look and feel normal again... and you never realize how "normal" it is to have breasts in society today. Despite the fact that the new gals are missing nipples (I'll have surgery and tattooing to add faux nipples/aereolas early next year) they look absolutely amazing, perfect perky 36 C boobs, just what I wanted!! Cheers to Dr. C, who gave me my breasts back after cancer stole them from me. I may not have long hair anytime soon, but dammit, my boobs look good!!

Yesterday, Brian and I signed up to run the Denver half marathon on October 17 (4 1/2 weeks away). For Brian, it will be a fun new challenge - despite being a cross-country star in High School, he has never run a half marathon before. He is aiming for an ambitious time goal, and if I know my hubby, he will achieve it! Me, I'm just shooting to finish, to prove a point - even 7 weeks post-surgery, breast cancer can't tell me what to do, if I want to run a half marathon, I can and will!! You all should know me well enough by this point to know that this is right up my alley - I thrive on anything that makes me feel like I'm giving the finger to breast cancer. Brian and I will be donning our pink ribbon gear during the race, and would love to see all you half- and full-marathon runners (and spectators!) wearing pink as well, to raise awareness that young people - athletic young people - can get this disease, but also that they can overcome it and go on to do anything they want. Half marathons, Ironmans, you name it. I have several friends running the race, and am looking forward to seeing everyone out there and sharing in a fun race (and pre- and post-race!) experience with them. I may not be the fastest girl out there (wouldn't have been pre-cancer and won't have too much time to ramp up my speed again after being benched for 3 weeks due to surgery) but I promise you this: I will try my best and finish with grace and style. And I will feel like a million dollars when I cross that finish line, with the love of my life waiting for me with a huge grin on his face, big beer in his hand and giant kiss for me!

Lately, I've been given the huge compliment of being called an inspiration to many. I am always humbled and honored to hear this; but I really do believe that you never know how you're going to react to a given situation, I never in a million years would have predicted that I would have such a positive attitude and be this strong. I've truly found an inner strength that I never knew I had, which has been a gift of this crazy battle. It also makes me want to remind people that you truly can do anything, from beating cancer to achieving athletic dreams to getting down to a size that you never thought you could be. Life is wide open, people, go out and run down those dreams you have - do it now, do it today - I promise that you won't be sorry you did. You'll be a better, stronger, more confident and above all, happier, person. And isn't that really what life is all about?

All my love... Amy (and Brian, Drew and Ty!)