The Pink Ribbon Chronicles special edition - Ty's birth!!


We are happy to announce that we have completed "Round 1" of our journey - the birth of our second son, Tyler (Ty) William McDowell! We are glad to be home with a happy, healthy baby - by far, the best, and most important, part of our adventure. Here are some pictures of the little guy and his very proud parents.

As Brian mentioned in his e-mail announcing Ty's arrival, we successfully delivered Ty with no pain meds (as we did with Drew). Many people ask me why this is important to me. The answer is several fold - yes, I do believe that it is in the mama's and baby's best interests to go drug-free - despite what doctors will tell you, there are simply too many risks to the mommy and baby to be completely sure it will not affect either negatively. But the real reason that I love giving birth naturally is the empowerment I feel afterwards - the feeling that because my husband and I have taken on this immense challenge together and succeeded, that I, and we, can take on anything life dishes out at us. Obviously this feeling of empowerment was especially important to me as we take on Round 2 and beyond of our journey. I am honored and blessed to have such an incredible life partner that stands by me, helps me achieve my wildest dreams, and sticks by my side through all of life's challenges - I love you so much honey.

As always, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, cards, e-mails, texts, Facebook messages, etc. I truly believe that your prayers and thoughts carried us through the challenges we faced during and after delivery, and I truly thank you for the strength your positive energy brought us.

I received a card today that had an incredible quote that I adored: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I think it is such an awesome quote, and will use it to draw on in the weeks and months that lie ahead, so thank you Susie and Sara for providing me with such inspiration! But first I will be finishing my second glass of wine and enjoying every single second with my precious, perfect, HEALTHY baby - what a gift he is to our family right now.

Next step: enjoy being a family of four and the incredible gifts we have been given!! After that: Round 2 begins on Aug 28....

All our love, Amy, Btian, Drew and TY!!!!


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