Round two, here we come!

So tomorrow I go in to battle the chemo dragon again. The good news is that I met with my oncologist yesterday to figure out a plan so that hopefully I won't experience as much pain this time around, the bad news is that I have to do it again... and four more times after that... I keep trying to convince my Dr. that 4 rounds would certainly be sufficient, but she isn't buying it. Bummer. So I'm taking a deep breath, hoping and praying that this time will be slightly easier and possibly even won't take me out of commission for a full 7 days, maybe 5 or 6 this time? And trying not to be scared. For me that's the hard part - being scared and feeling helpless. For those of you that know me, you know that scared and helpless are NOT my usual M.O. - I HATE feeling this way.

On that note, I want to send a HUGE shout out to those of you that have contributed hugely to my mental health by making it possible (through donations of money, babysitting time and LOVE) for me to work out at the gym. I met with my personal trainer on Monday for the first time, and cannot recall being so incredibly happy to get my butt fully kicked. I seriously felt like I was on "The Biggest Loser" working out with Jillian, and just that feeling made me so happy!! The personal training and spin/weight lifting classes I am able to do with your generous help are helping me so much feel healthy, STRONG in mind and body and like a piece of me is still the same - all very important during this time for me. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in the last few weeks, being able to get back to my regular workout routine - the strength, physical and mental, that I am getting is so crucial to feeling whole and having "happy Amy" around. We all like her a lot better than the alternative! My kids and husband thank you too!! I've been able to start swimming, biking, running and lifting over the past few weeks, so I've been excitedly eyeing upcoming races like the Winter Distance Series 5K on Dec. 19, of course the Beaver Creek snowshoe series (especially the Susan G. Komen fundraiser!!) and am looking ahead to planning my tri schedule for 2010 - anyone want to join me for Tri for the Cure? That's a must, along with the Highlands Ranch sprint tri and definitely an Olympic distance this year... Just knowing that I can and will get back to racing makes me happy. I'm by far NOT the strongest or fastest triathlete out there, never have been and never will be - but again, triathlon makes me feel strong, whole and happy; everyone should find something that makes them feel like triathlons do for me.

I also want to again thank everyone who has helped our family out in other ways, with dinners, breakfasts, babysitting, playdates, heartfelt gifts (all so wonderful and appreciated, from pedicure gift certificates to race schwag to.... wait for it.... hand-knitted fake boobs - my FAVE and very well loved!!!!), advice, thoughts and LOVE. I know this is a marathon, not a sprint (well, OK, probably more like an Ironman) so your continued love and support is so important to us. After this, we'll have 4 more to go, so eye on the prize, looking to mid-January and SUPER excited for a very good friend's wedding in February, when I'll be done with treatments and ready to celebrate in style the union of two incredible people.

I'll leave you with this last thought, and then it's radio silence until late next week...

"Turn up the music, turn it up loud, take a few chances, let it all out, 'cuz you won't regret it, looking back from where you have been, 'cuz it's not who you knew, and it's not what you did, it's how you lived...." -Point of Grace, "How You Live" (look for it on iTunes - it's a MUST LISTEN!!!!)

OK, just kidding, one final thought: I'd love for you all to comment on my blog, and hope you haven't been having trouble! From my good friend Sonja, who set up this blog: "if you want to comment and you are having trouble, you can choose Name/URL in the comment drop down box, type your name, leave the URL blank, and then type your comment."

Love you all!
Amy, Brian, Drew and Ty


goSonja said...

This one is going to be smoother...I sooo feel it! Great to see the triathlete in you shining bright!!

Meredith said...

Hey Amy!
I sent your blog out to my family and we are all tracking your progress from afar and keeping you in our prayers. I am so impressed how you keep going and are keeping the positive attitude. You are inspiring me to work out more, because if you can do it with two kids and breast cancer, then surely I can make the time.

Miss you!


Michelle said...

We are sending you strong and loving thoughts from Pueblo as you make it through round 2. You are an amazing woman!

Lots of love to you and your boys!

Michelle, Ron & Sam

Becky H said...

Love you Miss Amy. Hope you are doing alright. And I'm assuming you got the dinner I left last week (oh and hopefully it was edible...)

Heather said...

Hey Amy! I hope this round was better, at least a little bit!! Definately count me in on the next one, K? Wondering if you would like some company next Tuesday? I won't have the kids and can come help you out, or at least chat and hold Ty! ;-)

Love ya, girl!

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